11 Technology Documentaries on Netflix to Stream in 2019
11 Technology Documentaries on Netflix to Stream in 2019

The area of technology has ever grabbed your attention. It isn’t important whether the topic is communicating or artificial intelligence. You are just as likely to spend a weekend exploring the most recent technology information as bingeing your newest Netflix obsession.

However, you don’t need to select between Netflix and laughing your technician obsession–you can do! Next time you are in need of a relaxing night in, look at these 11 tech documentaries to flow on Netflix.

Break out the popcorn, get comfortable and settle for a good stretch of informative and intriguing technology documentaries.11 Thought-provoking tech documentaries to see in 2019

The area of technology changes quickly. We rounded up the most important technology documentaries available for streaming Netflix so that you can keep on top of the most recent technology discussions. Whether these pictures have been published last year or the past decade, all of them grapple with technology issues that impact our lives daily.

1. Terms and Conditions May Apply

Many men and women accept consumer arrangements without any issue –and without even reading the fine print–whenever they sign up to get a new social networking account or obtain the most recent program. This documentary takes viewers on a deep dive into the permissions they are actually awarding organizations when they take these terms. You will have a completely new perspective on internet privacy after viewing Terms and Conditions May Apply.

2. Silicon Cowboys

Ahead of Google and Apple dominated the technology world, there was a Compaq Computer. Silicon Cowboys follows the underdog story of 3 friends and their tech firm that dared to carry on IBM in the early eighties. Compaq is not around anymore, but it left its own mark on the technology sector in a way that still influences us now. View this documentary to listen to the real story behind one of those firms which made start-up civilization what it is now.

3. Lo and Behold: Reveries of the Connected World

Back in Lo and Behold, filmmaker Werner Herzog believes the effect of popular technologies in human life, for example, world wide web, artificial intelligence, and robotics. Viewers are treated to interviews with technology leaders like Elon Musk because this documentary investigates the numerous ways that technology shapes our lives. Settle in for a few existential believing as you follow technologies in the arrival of the world wide web into the unknown future which lies ahead.

4. Print the Legend

This documentary follows the growth of 3D printing along with the race involving technology companies struggling to emerge as leaders in this new sector. Print the Legend not just traces advancements and accomplishments in 3D printing, but in addition, it concentrates on the controversy linked to 3D printing and gun rights. This intriguing documentary brings audiences to the intersection of technology, business and political activism at a movie you won’t want to overlook.

5. NOVA: CyberWar Threat

This 2015 installment of the PBS series NOVA investigates the technologies of cyber warfare and requires a peek at existing computer applications which may have the capability to take over our planet as we understand it. No more a part of science fiction, this program requires a look at the way the ideal cyberattack could seriously damage everything out of our food source to our automobiles. Combine the NOVA investigators since they handle hard questions regarding the truth of cyber warfare–and if we are ready to defend ourselves.

6. Banking on Bitcoin

You might have known of Bitcoin as a favorite cryptocurrency that is made waves one of the tech gurus and monetary specialists alike. Banks on Bitcoin investigates the roots of Bitcoin and its development to a worldwide phenomenon. This documentary is really a must-watch for anyone interested in technology’s effect on the area of market and company.

7. AlphaGo

This documentary is called after AlphaGo, computer software developed by Google’s parent company, whose sole objective is to play with the early strategy game Go. Viewers follow AlphaGo from growth to the best test: a Go championship against professionals. This thought-provoking documentary will have you considering the potential chances of artificial intelligence and what they imply for humankind.

8. Steve Jobs: The Individual in the Machine

Steve Jobs has been depicted since the living representation of innovation and creativity in the technology sector. This documentary takes a comprehensive look in the private life of this man behind Apple, such as the aspects that resulted in his longstanding legacy and the prevalent despair felt by many when he expired.

9. The Secret Principles of Modern Living: Algorithms

“Algorithm” is a popular tech term that is used extensively in connection with systems regulating everything out of the credit rating into the articles you see on your social networking feed. However, what are calculations, and how can they operate in our electronic world? This BBC documentary follows mathematician Marcus du Sautoy because he shows audiences the complexities of calculations which have been in existence for centuries –and how they continue to touch our lives now.

10. The Mars Generation

The Mars Generation introduces audiences to the brand new generation of teens participating in NASA’s Space Camp in the hopes of exploring Mars. Press play this particular documentary for insight into the technology that is enlarging our planet outside Earth and have a peek at the young men and women that are helping this glowing future take shape.

11. Life 2.0

Life 2.0 shares the tales of everyday people whose lives are entirely transformed by engaging in the digital universe of the computer game Second Life. Although this documentary was made almost a decade ago, audiences may be amazed to recognize that a little themselves since they believe that the line between the online world and truth.


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