5 IT Certifications That Will Help Launch Your Tech Career
5 IT Certifications That Will Help Launch Your Tech Career

Most of us know that sense of terror Sunday nights — yet another work week to make it through. However, it does not need to be like that. Your career ought to be exciting, engaging and challenging. If you are feeling the squeeze of a dead-end project, why don’t you change your program? The info technology area features lots of opportunity irrespective of where your true passion lies. But how do you change professions — and quick?

Not every livelihood needs years to start. In the technology sector, instruction will help — but it is not 100 percent mandatory. Take for Example that the IT field. A couple of entry positions in this field only expect a certificate.

To help you in your search to start your technician career whenever possible, we utilized real-time market intelligence to recognize the top IT certificates for novices looking to begin in the business. Continue reading to find out what we discovered.

Why make an information technology certificate?

Most IT positions cope with specific technical processes or applications, so getting certified in a technical field demonstrates to employers that you have the exact skills required to be successful.

Getting an IT certificate is an excellent way to finesse your technician skills and assist break in the area. Landing an entry project is the first step to getting the expertise and additional education required to progress your technician career.

Have a look at this fast video to find out about five hot computer credentials along with the abilities and job opportunities related to each.

5 IT Certifications Which Will Help Launch Your Tech Career

Are you contemplating obtaining an IT certificate to help make your career started? This video examines some of the highest tech certifications employers are looking for.

5 In-demand IT certificates for novices

If you are interested in which IT certificates will offer the maximum job opportunities and help establish your technician career, look no more! We utilized real-time occupation analysis software to spot over 400,000 entry-level IT project postings in the previous twelve months so as to recognize the top five IT certifications employers are looking for from candidates. *

1. Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)

What can it be? The CCNA is a lower-level certificate that guarantees employers you can install, configure and operate business level routers and switches. CCNA certified individuals may also detect and resolve common network issues and have the choice of specializing in safety, wireless or voice network.

Certification procedure: you’re able to become CCNA certified bypassing one 90-minute written examination composed of approximately 50-60 questions. The evaluation costs around $295.

Entry-level project postings looking for this particular credential: 5,520

Most Frequent job titles:

  • Network engineer
  • Network administrator
  • Systems administrator

2. CompTIA A+ Notebook

What can it be? CompTIA A+ is an entry certificate and is an essential starting point for an IT profession. Licensed A+ technicians deal with the upkeep of PCs, printers, operating systems, mobile devices, and notebooks.

Certification procedure: You have to pass two examinations so as to obtain the CompTIA A+ certification — just one multiple choice and you also performance-based. The test costs approximately $200.

Entry-level project postings looking for this particular credential: 7,681

Most Frequent job titles:

  • In-home support expert
  • Desktop support tech
  • Help desk tech

3. Network+

What can it be? Network+ is an internationally recognized certificate that verifies your capacity to design, control and manage wireless and wired networks.

Certification procedure: You have to pass one 90-question test on the setup of wireless and wired network devices and other emerging technologies. The examination costs $285.

Entry-level job postings looking for this credential: 4,738

Most Frequent job titles:

  • Helpdesk technician
  • Information technology expert
  • Information technology tech

4. Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)

What can it be? CISSP is a worldwide recognized credential confirming data security proficiency so as to shield organizations from assault. The credential proves extensive technical and technical skills to manage data security applications.

Certification procedure: The CISSP examination covers eight topics: safety and threat management, asset safety, safety technology, communications and network security, identity and access management, security evaluation and testing, safety operations and application development safety. The examination includes 250 questions, takes approximately half an hour to complete and costs $600.

Entry-level project postings looking for this particular credential: 4,463

Most Frequent job titles:

  • Information technologies auditor
  • Safety analyst
  • Information security adviser

5. Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE)

What can it be? The MCSE is a mid-level certificate that validates a person’s capability to construct innovative solutions across multiple technologies. MCSE certification is extended in these specializations: server infrastructure, background, personal cloud, business devices and programs, information platform, company intelligence, messaging, communication and SharePoint.

Certification procedure: The measures to become certified will differ based upon your preferred concentration, but the examination is a five-step procedure which incorporates various question formats like multiple options, simulation, and drawing issues. The assessments typically cost $150 regardless of their specialty.

Entry-level job postings looking for this credential: 1,525

Most Frequent job titles:

  • Systems administrator
  • Field systems tech
  • Systems engineer

Which IT certificates interest you?

Getting an IT certification might be all that is standing in the way of your upcoming technician’s livelihood, so what are you waiting for? If you are prepared to depart your dead-end job so as to establish a career that is fulfilling, there is no better time than today to join the IT business.


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